Car sales Australia

Car Sales Australia

You might be wondering about Car sales in Australia. Obviously, the people of Sydney will be thinking about how many car sales Sydney happening each year. Like Car Sales Melbourne, Car Sales Brisbane, Car Sales Canberra and more here in detail. While you sell a car in Sydney, there will be statistics reports will be generated by the authorities. Well, as a car wreckers Sydney, you will be finding our services while if you have scrap, old ones. But for new car selling, many procedures from the Australian government have to undergo.

Estimation of cars sold in Australia in a year

An analysis of car sales in Australia is a free fall over the past months. It is also conducted that about 1.1 million cars every year sold from the past seven years.  The sales dipped by 7.8 percent to their lowest level since 2011. Even it is estimated that 1,062,867 new cars have been purchased. According to official Australian car sales figures the car sales figures are calculated as 1.155m,1.178m,1.189m,1.153m, and 1.062m for the following years 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019.  Australia sold up to more than 8.0 million new cars in just seven years. New car sales figures in Australia is more than 30 percent of our population bought brand-new vehicles.

Australia’s top-selling car calculation

According to the car value calculated data from UBS, since 2000 the number of premium or luxury cars sold has skyrocketed about 6.6 percent per year.  Premium and luxury cars made up 18 percent of the total market.  The number increased to 35 percent in the year 2018. The mainstream market is holding former luxury darlings of the new and innovative cars. All luxuries cars manufacturers feel the pain as the sales is going down. It is estimated by the  Australian automotive market that the growth of sales is down as follows. Land rover is down 23.1 percent, and BMW is down 2.4 percent. Mercedes Benz dis owns 13.1 percent, and  Lexus by 0.2 percent. The mainstream market is mostly holding strong with the former luxury darlings of the new-car world now taking the biggest hit.

Car sales by brand

List of Australian car brands that shift the most units.  It also knows that getting his L-plates ell with many cars.  It is also evicted that Toyota maintained its place at the top of the table by shifting a total of 217,061 vehicles in 2018. The study shows an increase of 0.2 percent. It is more than the 216,566 units sold in 2017.

Mazda holds second place with 111,280 units sold in 2018. It is less as compared to the 116,349 sold in 2017.  The story of the third-placed  Hyundai is quite similar to it.  It is calculated, with 94,187 – nearly close to the 97,013 sold in 2017. Mitsubishi is whereas standard number fourth place by selling 84,944 cars. it is up by 5.3 percent this year. Ford holds the fifth position by being recorded as selling 69,081  which goes down by  11 percent.

Top-selling cars in Austalia

 Now the revolution comes and we have entered the era of light commercial vehicles and SUVs. These vehicles are n high sake compared to the previous year. There is a hike in the sale of these SUV vehicles.

Electric vehicles  sold in Australia

There are few brands in the space right now. But the market will be flooded with new electric options. It includes some luxurious cars as well like  Mercedes- Benz EQC.  

Renault  Zoe failed to increase its sales just attracted 48 sales in 2018. 

Jaguar’s I- pace EV SUV attract 47 buyers in the first four months.

Pure electric sales of  Hyundai  Ioniq with a hybrid model, plug-in plug-in hybrid, and EV – make up around 50 percent of that car’s totals. The Korean brand Kona just launched with an EV footprint that will only grow. 

BMW is the first premium brand to offer an EV and on an average basis managed 115 sales in 2018. In the first four months of this year, it attracts 27 buyers. According to official VFACTS data, some 1336 electric vehicles were found home – be they public or private – in 2018.

Used car sales statistics Australia

As time changes innovative features make the new cars more attractive.  The new car action has a deep impact on the used vehicle market. people are moving towards new models as the buyer want something new to upgrade their wheels. But some amazingly,  f acts reveal ABS data in January this year. It is also found the average age of an Australian car is 10.1 years old.

 It is the same number which is unchanged since 2015, despite the number of new cars sold. If we take an idea about the used cars sold in Australia estimated by US auto analysts Manheim found the size of our second-hand car market is on heat about to be three million units per annum. A detail survey regarding the car sales Sydney, Car Sales Melbourne, Car sales Perth, Car sales Brisbane will be explained soon. Stay tuned with our latest car updates.

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